Debugging Electron locally

Hi all -

I have created a few pc desktop apps via Electron to be used as touchscreen apps in a client’s shop. It’s my first foray into Electron, but I created 2 that have been running fine (quite a simple project using html,css and jquery.) However I built a third which is very similar and I’m having complaints of the screen freezing. I can’t recreate the problem on my machine or at the location using their pc and touchscreen so it’s very tricky to diagnose. Initially I had built no error logging into the app as my initial research just threw back hosted saas products for this and this installation is not online. However that seems to have been incorrect, and I’ve found crashReporter.

Is someone able to help me out by confirming this work will without an internet connection, and what the error report could feasibly cover. From what I can see it’s all information i’ll know (name of app etc) except for what may be included in:

’ All level one properties of the extra object in the crashReporter options object.’.

For example, if the screen is freezing because of a memory issue would that be logged?

Also I’d like to know if anyone has any other ideas how to catch this error? I’ve run it with devtools, task manager and some third party pc monitoring tools and no issues found whatsover. The ‘freezing’ is just the app stopping and then refusing any input, requiring a reset on the PC. (It’s run with no keyboard, fullscreen mode).

Thanks so much