Debugging C++ module



I have implemented my own electron addon in C++, but when I’m calling some methods the application ends. Someone know how to congifure Visual Studio to debug my addon ? I’ve followed some tutorial on the internet but when I launch the Visual Studio’s debugger everything is fine but when I toggle a breakpoint the following message appears :
the breakpoint will not currently be hit. no symbols have been loaded for this document.

Of course I changed the Debbugging parameters in the project properties. I’m working on Windows 8.1 with Visual Studio 2013 Express.


If I recall correctly, Visual Studio uses .pdb files to hold the debugging symbols for binaries. If those .pdb files aren’t in the same directory as the binary you’re trying to debug, then Visual Studio will search a “symbol path” that you can define for them. If none of that works, then it gives the error message you report. So, I’d look for those .pdb files.

Disclaimer: This is all based on hazy approximately five-year-old recollection. Your mileage may vary.