Dead packages

There are too many packages that looks dead…
It could maybe @Atom could make a cleanup or mark those packages with a ‘dead’ label.
Furthermore, it would be great to be able to transfer ownership of a package if the author does not respond for pull requests for a while (what is happening here).
It would be sad to have N times the same package without have a clear sight on which one is still alive (eg.: atom-ui-ide).
Is something like this in the roadmap ?
Or people will probably leave atom definitively…

Ownership cannot be transferred by Atom maintainers, only the author of the package can do so. Every other way would be a disaster. Packages are open-source, so it’s easy to fork and maintain them on your own. Personally, I would prefer if apm had support for scoped packages, but I think the developers already decided this will likely not happen. For example, a scoped fork of build-cmake could then be named @author/build-cmake, which I think is much cleaner than author-build-cmake.

However, part of the problem is the unmaintained build package (on which build-cmake depends), which hasn’t been under development for a long time. Its developer is actually looking for new maintainers but hasn’t had any success so far. If I’m not mistaken, the same is true for the immensely popular script package, just to give a second example where the situation is opposite. Anyway, I’ve been published several providers for the build package myself and perfectly understand anyone who isn’t motivated to create for a dead product.