Deactivate new tab switcher


Hi! I just updated to 1.14.0 x64 on OSX, after trying to switch tabs using Ctrl + Tab I discovered a new tab switcher was implemented:

How can I deactivate it? For me it is just a waste of time, I know what is the active tab, also the next and previous one.



You can disable it by unchecking “Enable MRU Tab Switching” in the core tabs package


Thanks for the reminder that this made it out to Stable. I’ve updated the FAQ to cover this:


I also don’t want this new feature to show the MRU list, but I do want to use tab jump in MRU order. The solution by @montogeek disables not only showing the list but jumping in MRU order. Can I disable only the list interface?



No, they’re a package deal.


I see. Thank you for the rapid reply.
I’ll define a command to do that in my config file for now.