Days worth of changes vanish


I am using Atom in a project and the same files in a VB6 project. Atom does things for me that the VB6 project cant. Seemed like a good idea but the reality is quite different. Save all appears to save unmodified files (including non-text files?). This is a total no-no guys and gals! This has been overwriting my VB6 changes. So I decided to uses VB6 and Atom separately. I tried to close my Atom project but there appears to be no option to do so? So I deleted it. Lo and behold all my changes form when I started modifying my VB6 project days ago have vanished. Serves me right for using version 1.0 of a project:). Pity as it has quite a lot of promise (but lots more I came across needs work).


I assume you mean Visual Basic 6 files, but do I understand correctly that you had the same folder open from two different editors?

I’m not sure I understand what exactly you did when the files vanished.


Thx for reply. Yep, two different editors at once editing the same files. Files I edit in VB6 are overwritten by Atom when I select save all (which saves even unmodified files).


An option to “save changes” would help the first problem. And an option to “close project” would help the second one. How do I close a project?


It depends on what you mean by “close project”: if you mean removing a project folder from the tree-view sidebar, then there’s a Remove Project Folder command (and context menu item); if you mean closing the project and the window, then there’s Ctrl-Shift-W and the Window: Close command.


Needs work - what is a project, what is the diff beetween a project and a Folder. What is a window? In any case, when I “removed” the project Atom reset all of the files in the project to their original state (of 3 days ago) - no warning even.


You could implement your own command that saves just files that have been modified. Something like this:

atom.commands.add 'atom-workspace', 'custom:save-modified', ->
  atom.workspace.getTextEditors().forEach (editor) -> if editor.isModified()

And maybe you also want to disable the autosave package, if you haven’t already.


This is really strange. Because any time I have a file open and then change it using something else, the contents in Atom automatically update. For example:

  1. Create a file with touch foo.txt
  2. Open the file in Atom
  3. Add the text Test to the file
  4. Save the file
  5. Update the file with echo Foo > foo.txt

Expected and Actual: Contents of the file in Atom are now Foo

Tested using Atom v1.0.1-dd36bbd on Mac OS X 10.10.3.


In Atom, a project is not really anything else but the root folder in the tree view… So there is no ‘closing it’, other than closing Atom itself or, as @mnquintana mentions, getting rid of that folder via the context menu.

@leedohm I get the same behavior on Windows.
But notably if you take out step 4 (i.e. have made unsaved changes to the file in Atom), and then update the underlying file from outside of Atom, then the content of the buffer in Atom won’t be changed.
…which is as it really has to be, I think.

However, in this case Atom could use a notifier that warns you that the file has been changed externally and asks you if you want to refresh your (Atom’s) version. That’s what N++ does, for example.


I found this Issue regarding the repro steps you mention @batjko:


Ah, yea I remember it now. I knew we had this discussion before…
@trogan Looks like that’s the issue you should follow (and maybe revive with a comment to nudge it back into the devs’ attention).


This Nightmare just happened to me too.

Bit different, had copy of a directory that was using git.

After testing on this new directory massive changes and ready to drop into original git directory, seem Atom deleted any added content to the directory over the past week. Its teasing me now as I went to “reopen last file” and there I can see my new files completely wiped of any new content…