Database Feature


When i use this editor I would like to have a way for me to easily view and modify my mysql databases from within the editor. Similar to the terminal tab that allows me to run commands but with databases and their contents.


This is a good idea for a package.


Something similar to emacs’ sql major mode would be nice. It is a “package” that supports different types of database connections so you end up with a consistent set of keys, etc.

For those not familiar, here are a few features which are handy:

Multiple SQL terminal windows can be opened so you can work in multiple databases.

  • Each SQL buffer can be associated with one of the SQL terminal windows so that hot keys can be used to execute the entire buffer, the selection, current “paragraph”, etc.
  • Opening a new SQL buffer automatically connects it to the default database terminal window.
  • The default terminal actually managed by database type, such as “ms”, “oracle”, etc., but you would need a separate SQL syntax for each for this to work, though that might be useful for db-specific features.
  • You can preconfigure a list of database connection information to choose from or enter connection info manually.
  • Using the hotkeys in a SQL buffer automatically splits the screen and puts the terminal window on the bottom so you can see the results.