Data analysis SDK or Platform or Product for Electron APP?


We are about releasing our first Electron APP, so we are trying to find a easy and elegant way to collect user data from the app.

For example, we use Google Analytic for website, and other third party SDK for iOS and Android APP. So we can easliy know the UV, PV, rentention rate .etc.
We want to know is there something suitable for Electron Apps? I think Google Analytic dosent work, because we dont have a http url for Electron App.

The last thing we want to do is sending user click data to our server and do the analysis digging the raw data.
Any suggestion?

Thank you in advance.


Atom uses Google Analytics for collecting metrics. See the metrics package for some insights into how it works.


Thank you very much


How do you guys collect error info from Atom? Any suggestion?


You can take a look at the exception-reporting package.


Thank you, that’s exactly what I am looking for