Cyrillic support on Script console


I have problems with displaying Cyrillic symbol in the RUN Script console. Can you help me with?


That would be a question for the package’s maintainers. You should visit their GitHub repo.



Yes, that text is generated by the script package and the best place to post about package bugs is on the repo of that particular package. All packages are open-source and hosted on GitHub, and you can find the repo of a particular package through a package page or the package search either on this web site or inside Atom.

There seems to be a workaround, though. Follow these instructions and let me know if it works.


DamnedScholar, Its work now. Thanks.
So, now I have to insert this code every time in every .py files ?


Only when you’re running them with the script package. Other packages might work better.


Is there not something in the way the code is triggered (python command) to run, that can be changed?

Also - the link you give speak of changing an environment variable called PYTHONIOENCODING. This is mentioned also when executing python --help in the terminal (cmd.exe).


Fair. In that case, it should be possible to change the encoding just using this configuration: