Customize html + tab output?


Hey all,

Trying to customize my atom install so that on a saved .html file if I type html then hit tab I can have it create a pre-defined skeleton framework like;

<!doctype html>

enter title

I’m still new to Atom, I’ve had it installed on 3 different PC’s so far, I just replaced my main box so I’m getting Atom setup again but now when I type html + Tab it just creates instead of my big framework?

these are my installed packages:
atom-beautify 0.32.2
atom-live-server 2.2.0
autocomplete-paths 2.12.2
busy-signal 1.4.3
emmet 2.4.3
file-icons 2.1.18
intentions 1.1.5
linter 2.2.0
linter-ui-default 1.7.1
merge-conflicts 1.4.5
pigments .40.2
platformio-ide-terminal 2.8.1
project-manager 3.3.5
vim-mode-lus 1.32.0


sorry guys, I didn’t format the code to display, essentially I want to type html + tab and get a pre defined html tree with all the basic tags and links to css, and js files and jquery files with language set and meta fields ready for input. In my current setup typing html then hitting tab just creates the <html></html> my other install pops up a limited tree, I’d like to customize my own with a lot of things filled in, is that possible?


To find out which command is being triggered by a key press, you can use the Keybinding Resolver (ctrl-.) to bring up a panel that will update with a lot of information about the most recent keybinding you’ve activated.

That’s emmet.

my other install pops up a limited tree

That’s a snippet, and most likely the one from the language-html package. You can create more snippets by editing the snippets.cson file as discussed in the Flight Manual.