Customise Atom Tool-Bar Icons


I recently downloaded the Atom tool-bar package and I love it, but I want to customise the icon set, I’d like one with some colour just to make it not so monochrome. so I wanted to know where I can find an icon set that works with atom tool-bar

thanks in advance.


You can simply override the color for each icon in your stylesheet. To do so, open the Developer Tools and use the inspector to find out the class-names of the icons you want to change.


Toolbar displays one button by default. The inspector reveals its using .fi-align-left as class:


So in order to color it red, add this to your Atom stylesheet:

.fi-align-left:before {
    color: red;


Oh Cool thanks so much, I’ll try that, but if you know of any icon packs with svg icons including colours, could you please report them to me, I’d love to try it!


Have a look at:

Read the contents, follow the links, dig deeper into the contents and additional functionality.


Oh awesome, thanks so much, I’ll be sure to look at that, but so far, this is what I’ve got: atom-toolbar