Customise atom status bar based on opened file type?



I’ve been using atom for a while, and my status bar is becoming a bit cluttered. Is it possible to show / hide items on the status bar based on the type of file that’s currently visible? For example, I’ve got both php-debug and omnisharp installed - both of which put a bunch of things on the status bar. Since I’m not likely to be editing both C# and PHP files at the same time, I’d like to hide the PHP related stuff when I’m writing C#, and vice-versa.


Packages have broad leeway over what they control. It’s harder for a user to exercise granular control over what a package does if the package wasn’t developed to give the user that control (though of course, since everything’s open source, it’s perfectly possible to change the code in a package to do what you want it to do). The easiest way is to enable or disable a package based on what you’re working with. This can be automated.


Thanks! I’ll have to take a look. Though since I haven’t created an atom package before, I’ll have to do some reading. Is it possible to write one in plain javascript instead of the strange coffeescript thingy my init file is in?


Atom can interpret JavaScript or CoffeeScript. If you want, you can replace with init.js.


Ah, awesome! I’ll take a look.