customFileTypes not working?


My config.cson basically looks like this:

      "source.json": [
      "text.html": [

But even after restarting Atom, when I open something like navigation.block, there is no syntax highlighting and it still thinks the grammar is “Plain Text”.

Can anybody help?

Update: new “.conf” files now highlight correctly but new “.block” files do not.


Is that the entire contents of your config.cson?

Have you read the Flight Manual section on Basic Customization, especially the warning box about duplicate keys?


Just checked and I have no duplicate keys. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Atom doesn’t know what a “.block” file is? (also notice my “Update” that .conf files now highlight correctly)


The whole point of this system is to teach Atom what a “block” file is. I found the problem though:

You didn’t match the scope name.