Custom uri routing in package


I am writing a module with vue as UI framework and wanted to use the vue-router. It all seems to work until you reload the editor as you would in development to render JS related changes. It throws what I believe to be an URI parsing related error at this line: namely “Failed to parse load settings: !/” The editor

My question is: is URI routing explicitly not wanted / possible or could there be a change to make it work properly?


If you’re trying to take over URI routing for the entire window, then yes, I could definitely see this as being not wanted :grinning: Atom is designed as a single-page app, essentially. The only URI needing to be loaded is the one that starts everything running when the window is opened. So trying to redo how that works will potentially break how Atom is loaded.


Okay. Thats fine. If I make it timewise I’ll send vue-router a PR, for not needing the URI. If that is even possible. A pitty though :slight_smile: Thanks!