Custom text color with different encoding


I am trying to create a custom package for a pseudo language we are using in my university which changes the color of specific words. I have found a base where I can start from which is this one :

The problem is that the encoding that I am using is ISO 8859-7, Greek language and doesn’t change the color even if I set a regex for encoding in the .cson file ( similar to this \uFFFF) .
What am I missing here?


For starters, you’re missing a link to the repo you’re working on and steps to reproduce the error :wink:. I don’t type Greek, so I wouldn’t know if I was reproducing it right without steps to follow, and preferably something to copy and paste.


As I am working on this on my own I didn’t bother making a repo (newbie), just messing with the Code on my pc. But you are 100% correct , I will make a repo and come back with a complete question. Thank you for the advise.