Custom Scheme

Dear all,

I have implement the checkout of Octobat Beanies (Payement with VAT) , and when my payement is suceed, the system redirect to an url.

I have made my project with Electron and React Js.

Do you have any issue about making a custom scheme ? beanie.redirectToBeanie({ items: [ { price: price.productId, quantity: 1 } // For one-off charges only ], successUrl: http://localhost://home, cancelUrl: '', primaryColor: '#715b9e', billingAddressCollection: 'required' }) .then(function (result) { if (result.error) { // If redirectToBeanie` fails due to a browser or network
// error, display the localized error message to your customer.
} console.log('THen ')

        }).catch(function(error) {
        // If `redirectToBeanie` can't be triggered because of invalid parameters
        // or implementation, error, display a generic error message to your customer,
        // and report the error to the console for debugging purposes, or send it to Sentry
        // Sentry.log(error)

Thanks in advance,