Custom libraries


Hello everyone!

Tell me please, can I add support for user libraries?


What do you mean by user libraries? Can you provide a link to one?


I use this framework which have a lot (not standard) libraries. Can I add syntax highlighting for this libraries, classes etc. ?


For help on customizing Atom, check out the manual, specifically the section on creating language grammars. However, keep in mind that this method of highlighting is on the way to becoming obsolete. It’s currently possible to develop grammars using a new method and tree-sitter. At this point, it’s your decision which one you want to use. The tree-sitter method is cutting-edge but doesn’t have perfect support and has to be enabled by the user. I don’t know whether the old textmate grammar system will eventually be removed from Atom, but it won’t be for a good while, since we haven’t heard anything yet.