Custom keybindings only work halfway


I know there have been a ton of posts about this but I’ve read through them all and can’t seem to find anything helpful. I want to switch ctrl-tab and ctrl-shift-tab to do the same thing as ctrl-pagedown and ctrl-pageup, e.g. to switch between tabs like you can in Chrome and not in historical order. Pressing it once works fine, but if I hold ctrl and press tab multiple times the default behavior starts again. I am using the default US QWERTY layout. Here is my keymap.cson:

    'ctrl-tab': 'pane:show-next-item'
    'ctrl-shift-tab': 'pane:show-previous-item'

The Key Binding Resolver shows “pane:show-next-item” in green for “ctrl-tab”, and “pane:show-next-recently-used-item” in gray, but then after a few seconds of holding ctrl they switch, the latter becoming green and the former becoming grey. I can’t find core:win32.cson anywhere on my computer and it’s driving me nuts.



There’s a FAQ on how to make this change:



Thank you so much! Is there a way to make that FAQ more prominent? I actually Googled for many hours before posting and didn’t find it. In addition, would you be able to explain what ^ctrl does?



^ctrl means the command will be dispatched when the ctrl key is released. You can read about it in the blog post for Atom 1.7.



Thank you.