Custom Highlighting Syntax

I had Notepad++ on windows but unfortunately, now I can not have it any more.

Please need help to make some custom highlighting script on Atom based on

  1. Specific words, and
  2. Whole syntax between two characters etc.

This was pretty easy on Notepad++. I am also open to try any other mac editor as well. I just need these two functions, nothing else. Thanks.

I assume you are referring to the “Define Your Language” / User-Defined-Lanaguage in Notepad++?

To my knowledge there is not a quick option similar to Npp’s UDL in Atom. You essentially need to create your own Package/Plugin for Atom. You can fork/clone a language package that is related to the document type or language that you are working in and modify it to fit your needs.

It sounds like a pain, but to make up for the lack of simplicity - the Atom method allows for much greater control. Npp UDL is constrained to how it searches for “characters”.

There is a basic guide here: