Custom form in views with babel



Now, the default way to code custom packages, is to use JS with babel. No problem.
The way the views are created, does not depend on atom-space-pen-views anymore. No problem.

But I’m completely lost on how to have a functional form like everywhere else in atom. When I create an input element, I can’t backspace in it, like said in this post, there’s a class to be able to use the backspace, but other useful commands does not work after that…

So people said to use atom-space-pen-views, that is not part of core anymore. Ok, why not, but I can’t make it work with babel, and I think that it should be a way to do it without it, because it’s not part of core anymore… Am I wrong ? Is there any solution to have a fully functional input with js code (which is the default now) ?

Thank you and sorry for my bad english :wink:



With the last answer in this post about es6 and atom-space-pen-views, I can use it now, and it fixes my issue. But is there an other way than using atom-space-pen-views ?


It looks like the community is moving to etch.