Custom context menu without creating a package


I installed the atom-terminal package and I would like to add a command to the context menu in the tree view. I tried to add a new content menu entry into my config.cson, but it didn’t work.

  '.platform-win32 .tree-view.full-menu':
    'Open Terminal Here': 'atom-terminal:open-project-root'

Does this not work without creating/updating a package? I would customize the atom-terminal package locally, but I can’t even find those files to edit.

Contextual Menu Modification?

Atom packages get installed into ~/.atom/packages, so you should be able to find the atom-terminal directory inside there.


Sorry, I should have mentioned that I am using Windows. So my atom is located in:


And I can’t find any packages in any of the sub-folders.

Update: Nevermind, I found the packages folder in Users{name}.atom



If you click on a package name in the left column of the settings screen, you will see a button Open in Atom appear on the right. That does exactly what you want.

I hack local copies of packages all the time but of course changes are lost when the package is upgraded.


So it is possible to create context menu without package? I was able to do it in are there other ways?


This is what I put in my to snazzify my menu:

atom.contextMenu.add {
    'atom-text-editor': [
        { type: 'separator' },
        { label: 'Services', submenu: [] } #OSX
    'atom-workspace': [
        { label: 'Open+', command: 'open-plus:open' }


how does one change the context menu for tree-view?

is there a key like ‘atom-workspace’ except for tree view?

also what to put in command to execute an os program, Like terminator in linux

this doesn’t work.

atom.contextMenu.add {
  'tree-view': [{label: 'Terminator', command: 'application:terminator'}]


.tree-view. It’s a class, not an element.

also what to put in command to execute an os program, Like terminator in linux

You need the process-palette package for that.


ok @DamnedScholar got my process palette command.

what is the syntax for the adding a menu entry for say their echo example? They only show adding to shortcut keys.

This below doesn’t work although the menu entry is now there so half working.

atom.contextMenu.add {
’.tree-view’: [{label: ‘echo’, command: ‘process-palette:echo’}]

btw process-palette:echo brings up the command in the command palette so scratching my head here.


Can you screenshot your view of the Process Palette settings for that command?


says Echo Example

so I tried ‘.tree-view’: [{label: ‘echo’, command: ‘process-palette:echo-example’}]

still no love. other thoughts?

Where does one find the code entries for the command pallette so I can see the actual command for the entry in the png.


The command palette uses a simple transformation (that’s easily reversible if people follow the conventions) to generate the entries for the palette. See my comment here:


To get to the settings for a specific package, go to Settings -> Packages and click on the ⚙ Settings button.