Custom buttons for node-notifier


I’m currently working on an electron application which involves native desktop notifications on OS X.
I have some issues trying to customize the notifications.

Firstly, I need a way to set the notification style to Alert, because I need two custom buttons available, one of them is “Call” and the other one “Reply”.
I don’t see any way into defining the notification style using node-notifier. Also, my application is not visible in Notifications screen from System Preferences, so I can’t even change the notification style from there.
Is there any way to edit the application’s Info.plist to add the NSUserNotificationAlertStyle key ?

Secondly, I would like to know how can I add custom buttons to the notification, and also a custom color.
Can anyone help me with this ?


Hello! I have the same questions! Did you solve it?
The only thing I could find online about customized notification is here:
But it’s complicated and I was not able to correctly configure and start it …


Hi! Check out this one!


This should now be supported by node-notifier to be able to do reply and buttons for the native notification system on macOS. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that is supported on other platforms. See for more information.