Custom Atom Icon with Packages


Is there a way to customize the Atom icon with a package? I created this icon but I can’t find a way to distribute it as a package.

App Replacement Icon - Dark

I don’t have an answer to your question (my guess is that it’s not possible), but damn, that’s a beautiful icon.


Thanks! I figured it wouldn’t be possible, but I thought I’d ask, if for no other reason than someone might think to implement it.

Enjoy the icon!


This is a far better icon than the current one, kudos. I also agree that it should be possible to allow for certain icons somehow if it’s at all possible.


Thanks, I figure that the one they have now is just for beta, but I could be wrong. GitHub is usually pretty good about polishing their software.


I’m not too familiar with the internals of packages, but I assume you could make a call to overwrite the icon within the .app folder (of course, you should back up the old one for the user first!)

Things to take into consideration would be: does Atom have a disable hook that you can tie into to remove the icon, or during uninstallation?


That’s an interesting thought. Surprisingly, when I was installing the icon for my self, replacing the .icns file did nothing. It was only when I used the get info window that it worked.

But your idea reminded me of AppleScript which might work to replace the icon…


Did you try restarting the computer? I think sometimes the icon files are cached… for example when I enabled dynamic icons in Adium, they didn’t work fully properly until I rebooted, iirc.


I’ll try that. Killing the system UI server might work as well: killall SystemUIServer


Out of curiosity, did you have any luck?


Restarting did work, killall SystemUIServer did not. By far the most effective way seems to be to drag the .icns file on to the Application’s get info icon.


from a technical perspective i’m not sure this CAN be done…


You mean with the set of tools that we have available to us currently with the atom packages, right? I’ve definitely seen apps replace their icon programatically. Adium is a great example of this.


I think you have to kill / restart the dock to update the icon of the current running application


What about just in the Finder? I have the app closed and not in the dock when I’m updating the icon.


for finder icons are cached in a file … you can delete it but you need root permissions.

you should be able to find the file using

find /private/var/folders/ -name 


Hey, pretty cool. I’ll try to experiment around with this. No promises, but I might be able to get an installer going.


This is a good idea. Can’t say when I’ll get around to it…


Added the document icon. You can see it here: