Cursor jump when typing in Vietnamese input method - macOS


Hi! I’m having this issue and I noticed this happened in around version before 1.21.1. It fixed on 1.21.1 but now getting back with later version even the currently latest 1.31.1. I’m currently using MacOS Mojave (it also happened in Sierra, High Sierra but in El Capitan and earlier). Steps to reproduce:

  1. Switch to Vietnamese input method. (I think this could happen on other non-english language as well)
  2. Type some words: e.g Nguyễn (by typing in VNI method as nguye64n). Don’t press spacebar or any other special key like enter, { [,…
  3. Mouse click to any other position on editor except current cursor.
  4. Press spacebar, the last typed word will be lost and cursor jump to begining of that word.

This also happened when on step 2, move mouse to select multi-line and copy/paste then go some where on editor press spacebar. All will be lost and cursor jump back to step 2.