Cursor dissapearing when using moving between virtual desktops or "tags"


This only happens to me with Atom, so I guess it’s not a problem of my window tiling manager (Qtile). If I remember well, it also happened to me in my previous tiling (awesome). I still didn’t use the editor too much then, so I beared with it, but now it’s turning an annoying glitch.

This is the case:

  1. You are happy writing with Atom in one tag/virtual desktop.
  2. You move to another desktop. In my case, the one where I have the internet browser or XMPP client.
  3. I return to Atom to continue writing. Cursor has dissapeared. You still has focus, and can continue writing without a click on the editor window, but cursor is now invisible.
  4. You can bear with invisible cursor. It’s not a big deal. But that’s not all. When this happen, you also can’t write some special characters, like the chars `, ^ or ü (dieresis). If you try to write any of these (all of it characters normally combined with letters) all what you get is blank spaces.
  5. Then, you are forced to click the editor window, to recover the cursor, to make it visible. And now you can also write that special characters again.

Doing this one time or two it’s not a problem. But when you need to frecuently move from one tag/virtual desktop to another, it became a pretty annoying thing.
I’m suffering this since some time now. In all versions of Atom I have used.

Right now I’m on:
0.201.0 22/5/2015 0:20:36.
Under Archlinux, using the AUR package atom-editor.

Any ideas about this? This is common? Are there more people suffering this?

Thanks for your time :).


This is a known issue. It is being tracked here:


Oh! Many thanks for your answer, @leedohm :).
I will check and suscribe that issue.