Cursor disappears when switching Alt-tab (ubuntu 14.04, 14.10)



When I switch Alt-tab key combo, often atom loose its cursor, until I click with the mouse inside the editor.
Everything works normal, just I type “blind”, because I don’t see where the cursor is (navigating with cursors is really hard, because I need to test with inserting and removing chars, where the hidden cursor is).

I believe it is somewhat related to windows focus. And also it depends how fast I hit on alt-tab. If I do it really slowly, everything works as intended, but if I switch alt-tab quickly, as I normally do, then the cursor disappears.

I’m a keyboard guy, this issue is killing me.

Any ideas? Maybe to show cursor no matter what?


There is a bug tracking this here:

And there is a suggested cause and workaround here:


Ouch. Half year old bugs…

I’ll keep an eye on both issues.