Cursor disappeared


My atom’s cursor disappeared. I can’t write any code. Teach me how to recover it.



When did the cursor disappear? What version of Atom and what operating system are you on? Do you see cursors in smaller buffer elements, such as the find-and-replace panel? Do you see a cursor when you open Atom from the command line with atom --safe?


atom version 1.22.1. os windows surface 10. i don7t know the name of the place, but i can see very small light on amd off. command line atom safe, as result safe appeared in atom.


atom --safe, not atom safe. atom safe will try to open a file named safe in Atom. atom --safe will open it in safe mode, which allows us to see if the problem is being caused by a package or your script.


Typed atom --safe, as its result display of atom as like as the ffirst display when installed atom and safe appeared the uppermost right place. It seemingly has no trouble. very much small light like a dot turning on and off.


Does the cursor appear in safe mode?


No. Only very small lightning dot exit still.


Can you record a few seconds of it? I like using ShareX for that. Do you have anything in your styles.less file that would potentially affect a cursor?


Cursor recovered. I opened comman palette of atom, and typed stylesheet in the frame. And hit application:Open your stylesheet. as a result,so waited cursor appeared in atom display.
Thak you so much your guides and I appreciate your endeavor.


No problem. :slight_smile:


Hello! The same issue, not resolved. Change the stylesheet to red for cursor still no solution. Please help.


What did you do after opening the stylesheet?


If you have the same issue, please walk through every step I posted above and answer all of my questions.