Current status of Atom IDE?


Hello. I am relatively new to Atom. I would like to know the current status of Atom IDE.

I visited and it respectably says “Community Powered” but indicates that the project has been “retired”. The Nuclide website says the same. also says that it will be unmaintained because Atom IDE which it depends on is unmaintained.

So is development really carried on by the community and people are still using this and creating extensions to it, or is it defunct and not worth downloading/installing?



The future of Atom IDEs using atom-ui-ide

It no longer has a team of dedicated developers working on it.

The tools haven’t suddenly blown up; they still work like they did yesterday. But it does mean that outstanding bugs and feature requests are unlikely to be fixed unless someone feels like it.

Personally, I have an interest in maintaining good LSP support in Atom. So if I find the time, I will be doing what I can to improve them in tandem with my language server.

I have also seen a thread here with others doing some work on it (I think they published a fork?)



Check this (lengthy) discussion on it:



There are some developers (including myself recently) who are going to split it out into separate packages and improve things. Atom IDE isn’t going to die. There’s hope. :slight_smile:



@appelgriebsch @ryanolsonx
I’ll be available to review and merge PRs on atom-languageclient if needed. Though adhering to the original API’s would be preferable, I don’t know how much is locked into atom-ide-ui. Plus it will be needed for implementing new features that were not already supported.



Nice to see that there is progress on that side!! For me it would be a welcomed next step to make a joined effort to migrate / move out the fundamental functionality from the atom-ide-ui package into a dedicated GitHub community repository. This would make it easier to find individual modules as well as share common code. I’ve checked availability of some GH team names such as atom-ide or atomide a couple of weeks ago, but they are already taken or blocked. If you or someone of your team can help with setup this community approach that would be very appreciated!



Awesome to see people creating alternatives :slight_smile:

I think it is a good idea if some folks create a common GitHub organization, maybe starting with @appelgriebsch and @ryanolsonx … Concerning the organization name you mentioned. As of this writing, at least ide-atom is available. And atom-ide appears to be unused. If the latter would really be preferred, you could ask GitHub support if this is inactive for a long period of time and can be reassigned. See this statement:



I think atom-ide would be a great name. I’ll create an organization in a bit here.



atom-ide is unavailable :confused:. What about atom-ide-community?



That does convey better that it’s not a core part of Atom / maintained by the Atom staff.

Then again, neither was atom-ide really.

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I transferred atom-ide-definitions (which needs a lot more work done).



I’m in! Transferred my two packages as well. We should think about a nice logo for the GitHub organization and also check if we want to move the packages on apm to an organization with the same name…

I’m also active on Telegram if you want to have a chat.



Started with a landing page:



Beautiful. I love it.

Should we consider making a channel on the atom slack so that others can discover and join us in our discussions?



Japp. Still trying to reactivate my Slack account due to lost of 2FA tokens, but that can be solved hopefully very soon…



We can repurpose the existing #atom-ide channel



Is it recommended to stay with the FB Atom ide package for now, or is migration at this point possible?



Currently one has to install all the separate packages. And then linter, linter-ui-default, busy-signal, …

I think it would improve usability if there were kind of a meta packages that just depends on all the packages that assemble the IDE.

(just an idea, not a demand to someone)



It all depends on what you can live with (and without). If you’re OK with linting, auto complete, go to definition, hover to get signature, and signature help (when calling a function), then there’s enough to completely forgo atom-ide-ui.

For me, I’m cool with that. I completely uninstalled atom-ide-ui.

There’s a lot of work left to do.



That’s a great idea. I think there’s a way to create a package that can download other packages, as well. I’ll dig into that idea sometime. It shouldn’t be too difficult (I think).