Current status of Atom IDE?


Hello. I am relatively new to Atom. I would like to know the current status of Atom IDE.

I visited and it respectably says “Community Powered” but indicates that the project has been “retired”. The Nuclide website says the same. also says that it will be unmaintained because Atom IDE which it depends on is unmaintained.

So is development really carried on by the community and people are still using this and creating extensions to it, or is it defunct and not worth downloading/installing?



It no longer has a team of dedicated developers working on it.

The tools haven’t suddenly blown up; they still work like they did yesterday. But it does mean that outstanding bugs and feature requests are unlikely to be fixed unless someone feels like it.

Personally, I have an interest in maintaining good LSP support in Atom. So if I find the time, I will be doing what I can to improve them in tandem with my language server.

I have also seen a thread here with others doing some work on it (I think they published a fork?)


Check this (lengthy) discussion on it: