Cup atom to upgrade?


Can anyone elaborate on the upgrade process? I have Atom installed on Windows 7 as well as Mac (fantastic editor!) but now getting a message that my version needs an upgrade. The message says use cup Atom to upgrade but that does not work in Chocolatey.
thanks for a great editor.


Are you having a problem upgrading in Windows only? Or Mac also?


Windows 7 is the problem. Mac Atom gave me a sweet option to upgrade and restart in the menu but no such niceness in Windows 7.


I figured. I have not installed or updated Atom on Windows, so I can’t be much help.


I used cup atom a dozen times with no problem on my windows 8.0.

Edit: All I can suggest is to follow the instructions here to blow away chocolatey and switch to the new squirrel installer. I made the switch with no problem.

There is one change to the instructions. When it tells you to download the new installer, switch the version in the URL to 152, or whatever the latest is.

Atom tells me to run cup atom to install updates, cup atom tells me there are no updates

@mark_hahn has been working with Atom on Windows and specifically using Chocolatey. Perhaps he can lend a hand?

Edit: JINX


I am brave, and individual, please sign me up.


I think you nailed it Mark, I wasn’t aware that choco was no longer used for the install.


Actually it still is the official installer. I was one of a few selected for beta testing. Now we’ll see if I get in trouble.


Nobody will get into trouble. It is a public posting. Anyone is welcome to give it a try, no sign up required :grinning:


Where would I download this beta version?


You can find it on the latest release page, the Windows Installer is called AtomSetup.exe. Don’t forget the suggested Chocolatey uninstall steps described in the issue linked earlier in this thread.


The Atom isn’t beta, just the installer. It’s in the post I did above in an edit. I always worry that people won’t see it when I edit an old post.