Cucumber step definition file types


So I’ve been using the Cucumber package. I’ve run into one issue with step definitions. Step definitions are really just .rb files. However, step definitions use Cucumber Step grammar instead of the normal Ruby grammar.

Sublime Text has a similar issue solved by an extension called ApplySyntax for abnormal file type needs. Does Atom have anything like this?


We don’t currently support this in Atom, but someone has made a package to handle this for you. It is discussed in this Topic:


The file types package doesn’t work. Because it only looks for everything after the dot only. You’d have to match whatever is at the end of the file, not just after the dot.


@execjosh I’ve tried to hack your plugin match anything at the end of a file path, but my coffeescript/nodejs chops are very basic. How would you go about handling a cucumber step file whose file extension is unconventional?


@tnypxl Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. I’ve replied to your issue on GitHub.