Ctrl + x = tab selection


Hello everyone!

I had an idea for a feature I reckon would benefit keyboard warriors!
When editing code with multiple files open, it would be useful to hit ctrl + x to change to that number tab.


Ctrl + 3 = selects tab 3

(if my words aren’t clear, go to Firefox and open 5 tabs and hit ctrl + a number)

Keymap select tab by index

I seem to remember a package to do this. If there isn’t one it would be easy to write.


Isn’t that a standard feature? On OSX, I can hit cmd-1 for the first tab, cmd-2 for the second, and so on. I haven’t tried on other systems, yet.


Yeah, works for me too on OS X. So maybe keybindings just need to be added.


The default keybinding doesn’t exist on Ubuntu in the current version, so is there a way to manually set it in the keymap.cson?


If it is set in the darwin.cson in Atom, then you can just copy those entries and modify it. If it is a native keybinding that is provided by OS X, then no.


On Linux the default bindings are on alt and not ctrl:

They are missing on win32 :frowning: