Ctrl + S save shortcut doesn't work


Simply, the Ctrl + S and Ctrl + Shift + S shortcuts don’t have any impact on my work, so I have to do it from the File menu. I am using Windows, just downloaded the latest version of Atom. What can be done about it?



What does the keybinding resolver show? You can open it with ctrl-., and take a screenshot to post here.

Please make sure the screenshot is of pressing ctrl-s; you may accidentally change it when taking the screenshot. You can close the resolver by pressing esc


Thanks for the reply Aerijo, here is the screenshot. Hope it helps!


According to the screenshot, you also downloaded the package learn-ide-tree (this is information you should have provided in your original post), which has applied a .learn-ide class to the body tag and is overriding the core:save command. You can fix the keybindings by disabling learn-ide-tree. For package-specific help, the best place to look is the package’s GitHub repo, which states that the package is deprecated (as of June 14th) and should not be used. You should install learn-ide-3-tree instead.