Ctrl + S moves the cursor


My cursor moves to the previous word when I invoke save via Ctrl+S. This happens only in .js files. I am trying to find the plugin which is causing this behavior but no luck so far. Any tips?


You can use the key-binding-resolver (Ctrl + .) to define if there’s a command that takes precedence over the save one. But that would mean that you no longer can save a file, so it’s unlikely a command.

The debugging document is also a good starting when encountering an issue in Atom.


Do you have Emmet installed?


Thanks for the tip. I tried it, only core:save is getting triggered.


Yes, I do. Does that have to do something to do with the key bindings?


Maybe I’m grasping at straws, but try disabling Emmet and restarting Atom to see if that fixes it. Yes, Emmet does a lot with key bindings … I think only in HTML, but maybe it affects JavaScript as well. And I’ve seen a lot of issues around key bindings on the forum here fixed by either people disabling Emmet or bugs being fixed in Emmet.

Anyway … just a suggestion.


Just tried uninstalling emmet, restarting atom. The problem still persists. Any other ideas to try out?


Turned out to be the reason for this error. Disabled. Waiting for update.


Thanks for the tip @amarprabhu, this solved it for me too. I had to restart after disabling, too.