Ctrl mouse scroll does not increase text size on atom, 1.13


Its probably me. But since version 1.13 the Ctrl + mouse scroll does not increase the text size anymore. Any one else with this problem?

thank you all


You can change the text size like this:


Thank you Mine-MuYan. I know you can do it that way. But with Ctrl + scroll it use to be more interactive and faster.


Yes, this was a regression in 1.13. It’s been fixed and will be out with 1.13.1 when it’s released.


Let us look forward to the new version.:grin:


Great good to know. I wear eyeglasses so this feature is great for me


1.13.1 has been released - try it out! If it still didn’t work for you, please file an issue on atom/atom and we’ll try to take a look at it.