Ctrl Key by itself opens console


Hi, I’m a new Atom user.

When editing a .js file, the ctrl key just by itself opens up the console. I’ve checked the keymap and don’t see anything for that… It’s really annoying because its stopping me from effectively using the other ctrl based shortcuts.


Can you open the key binding resolver via Ctrl-.? Or does pressing Ctrl crash whatever command you tried to call?

If the resolver opens, try hitting Ctrl again, and if the error occurs, see what the resolver says, i.e. which command it tries to execute.


Other hotkeys still work with their intended functions, but hitting control will separately always bring up the console when I press it.

So if I press just ctrl, the console comes up. I close it.

If I press ctrl - something else, then the console comes up AND the shortcut works separately.

When I say the console opens, I mean the dev console (the same console that opens in Chrome if you hit Ctrl Shift J)


Ok, in that case, can you show us what the key binding resolver shows, plus the console output?


Does an error show up in the Console view? That might indicate what is going wrong.


I’m not sure which console output you mean.

The Key Binding Resolver says: ctrl
Nothing actually shows up underneath that though indicating which commands were called.

I’ve attached an image.


The error message in the Developer Console that I see in the screenshot you attached (thanks by the way) seems to indicate that the issue is with the function-name-in-status-bar package.


Disabling that package (function name in status bar) has fixed the problem. Thankyou leedohm.