Ctrl-Delete keyboard binding (has this changed?) [Solved]



Has something recently changed in the Ctrl-Del keybinding? It used to delete the current line, which seems to be what Shift-Del does now?

I’m using Atom 1.15.0 x64 on Ubuntu. Where can I check a history of changes to the underlying Atom / packages. Obviously I don’t know there has been a change, I just keep half deleting stuff by mistake and it is driving me nuts.

Pointers appreciated. Thanks so much.



Atom is currently on version 1.20.1. Since you’re using an old version and you haven’t manually updated (Linux doesn’t get automatic updates), it’s most likely that nothing has changed. If you want to look at a history of changes, you can do so at the GitHub repo.


Nah - not a change in Atom. A change to one of the packages that I use. My suspicion is one of those may have done something. Or i’m imagining it.

I’m trying to work out if a keybinding has in fact changed (on my PC only), or if going slowly crazy. Sorry if original question was badly worded.



When you use the Keybinding Resolver (ctrl-.), does shift-delete trigger core:cut? That’s what’s in the default Linux keybindings. ctrl-delete is associated with editor:delete-to-end-of-word.


Yeah - ignore this. I’ll close the topic. I did some searching and found the exact same thing.

Its just, I keep using the wrong keyboard shortcut, i don’t get how I would have got used to it if it has not changed. Confirmed, going crazy. Appreciate your looking at this.

Thanks so much.



No problem. :slight_smile: