CTRL button intermittently firing the "File > Open…" dialogue window


Hello, I have a really strange issue going on. When I hit the CTRL button by itself it is triggering the “File > Open…” dialogue window (as if I were hitting CMD-O). The strangest part is this unwanted behavior is intermittent: It will be normal for a while, with CTRL doing nothing when you hit it by itself, then seemingly randomly, it will start misbehaving. I tried to use the Keybinding Resolver to find what is causing it but it shows nothing for hitting CTRL by itself.

I have 40 packages installed and I would really rather not disable them one by one to troubleshoot this—this doesn’t seem practical anyways because the behavior is intermittent! Is there a log file that I can look at to find the culprit? I’m really at a loss. I would appreciate any suggestions for squashing this annoying bug. Thanks!