Ctrl + Backspace deletes last character from line above


When I press Ctrl + Backspace in Atom, it deletes everything up to and including the first character encountered to the right of the current carret position. If there are no characters in the current line, it goes up one line. In this case it also deletes the first character it encounters in the line above.

I really don’t like this behavior. It is also different from how other editors handle Ctrl + Backspace. In Sublime, for example, it only removes white-space, never a character.

Why in Atom Ctrl+Backspace has this unexpected (IMHO) behavior?


Also, Ctrl + Shift + Left arrow selects the last character from the previous line. This is also unexpected for me and a bit annoying. Of course this could be a matter of personal preference.


If anyone else finds this, see:

Add to your keymap:
‘atom-workspace atom-text-editor’:
‘ctrl-left’: ‘editor:move-to-previous-word-boundary’
‘ctrl-right’: ‘editor:move-to-next-word-boundary’
‘ctrl-shift-left’: ‘editor:select-to-previous-word-boundary’
‘ctrl-shift-right’: ‘editor:select-to-next-word-boundary’
‘ctrl-backspace’: ‘editor:delete-to-previous-word-boundary’
‘ctrl-delete’: ‘editor:delete-to-next-word-boundary’

this has a few minor annoyance when deleting newlines, but is still much better overall. Deletes whitespace up to but not including the next symbol or text, but also stops after consuming a newline.