CSS Workflow and auto suggest/complete



I am used to Sublime and chromes inspector. I would really appreciate a plugin where I can for instance write “fl”, press tab/enter and get the output "float: " and then write “le” and press tab/enter and get “float: left;” with the “:” and “;” already written and the type-marker at the end of ;

I know this is nitpicking but it really saves time.

If there is any such plugin, please let me know! :smile:


If you are talking snippets for CSS there is an excellent package for that released in the past week. https://atom.io/packages/css-snippets

Edit: Pro tip: I went to atom.io packages, entered css, and the package was the second result.


Thanks, but that’s not it. I am looking for a autocomplete/suggestions plugin that works the same as chromes inspector.


There are some autocomplete packages that also support CSS, but I haven’t found one that is as good as Chrome’s inspector. Hopefully that will improve.


Any news on this? Someone created a package as good as chromes inspect for CSS folks like me? :’(