CSS to select text editor area only?


What CSS selector(s) should I use to target the main text editor area only? I just want to add some padding to bring the text away from the edges a little. Unfortunately…

atom-text-editor {
    padding: 20px;

targets every field element throughout the app, including those on settings pages. I can’t find any element or CSS selector that would target the main text window area only.


The editors in search, command palette and elsewhere have the .mini class. So you should be able to work with a :not(.mini) selector. Watch out with the padding though, it tends to screw up scrolling/overflow.


I think the class is deprecated, editors now have a mini attribute that you can match with atom-text-editor::not([mini])


I think you’re right, but am using the class in my themes. I’m not getting anything from deprecation cop on this, so not sure actually.