CSS/SCSS autocomplete for inline properties and values


Hi there,

I’ve just made the switch from Sublime and I must say that Atom seems great.

I have a slight problem with how CSS and SCSS autocomplete modes work. When I write my styles in a “normal” syntax fashion, the autocomplete works great. But generally, I write my CSS properties and values inline, as opposed to each one on a new line, which completely breaks the autocomplete. For example:

Normal (autocomplete works fine in both CSS/SCSS syntax modes):
.element{ float:left; display:block; }

My way (autocomplete doesn’t work as expected for both syntax modes):
.element{ float:left; display:block; }


Can anyone point me in the right direction for fixing this? Is there a package that I can download that’ll change this behaviour?



There is an open Issue on this here:

You may want to subscribe there for updates.