CSS MIME change

hello can anyone help with this problem, when i load my program i dont know why chrome reads my css file like a “text/html” and for this reason none of my style get applied in my program .

It would be helpful if you shared a screenshot of your code files open in Atom so that we can see exactly what’s supposed to happen and how the files are organized, as well as a screenshot of how you’re identifying the file as being handled as text/html.

this is my html . but i recently discoverd that its not really a problem from me IDE, cause when i try to open my program in other platform thats not google chrome, for example internet explorer. Everything works perfectly it recognise my css file. So i really think the problem is with some google chrome configuration

and here is my error code.

In my Linux Ubuntu OS I have a file …


which holds all mime types.
The setting for css is …
text/css css

I don’t know what OS is in use (no info is given) but it might be prudent to check the equivalent in Windows.

[Correction} I have found one clue to OS type which is a forward slash in stylesheet definition. So at first read it looks like Linux or Mac. On the other hand Internet Explorer is mentioned.

What’s the full text of the Bootstrap tag? Does it have a type attribute?