CSS LINt not installed


Hey guys newbie to atom so apologies for the newbie question.

I am trying to install CSSLint and a couple of other linters as well. I have installed the atom linter and i have installed the Linter package which seems to be the one i need and i can see that this is installed as i can see the package in the . atom/pacakge file.

I have installed via the command line CSSLint again i can see it in the .atom/package file, however every time i try to lint a css file it tells me that CSSLint is not installed and indeed if you go into the the settings interface within atom i cant find it.

Any ideas my good chaps will be most useful


The Linter package and the Atom Lint package are two separate packages that do essentially the same thing. They provide a standard interface to multiple command-line lint packages and integrate them into Atom. My recommendation is to pick one not both :smile:

Check out the README for the one you pick on how to ensure that the package picks up the presence of CSSLint. You may need to restart Atom for it to notice.