Css is not linking with the html. Tried everything I could find on the web

Although the file directory seems to be correct the css file is not linking.

Here is the css file style.css

background-color: #edffec;

border-style: none;
border-top-style: dotted;
border-color: #7eca9c;
border-width: 5px;
width: 4%;

And on google console there is no error or any other remarks.

Hi Sam, great seeing you here. I am not a fanboy, but I don’t mind admitting that finding Atom ended agony that had bedeviled me for years, with IDEs that were pigs with resources, full of stuff I didn’t need, and with nothing like the flexibility of Atom.

So, to your problem:

This probably is unrelated to your situation, but this is how my brain reacted to your post.

I setup a project in Atom:

Put only one style in the stylesheet: [rgb(255,0,0) is red color]

Then in browser, opened the index.html file

This is what came up in the browser:

Added to the style:

Refreshed browser:

Changed index.html to match yours more closely (removed ‘type=“text/css”’ from link to css file and also removed the meta tag for the viewport):

Changed color in the style for p tag [rgb(0,255,0) is green]:

Refreshed browser:

Thank you Dan for going through the issue. I agree with you that atom is a lot more flexible and easy.

I think my problem has to do with the atom, maybe. Although I think I wrote the file path correctly, it still won’t reflect any change. Also I didnt make any changes like removing the text/css or meta viewport because originally that’s what the html boilerplate plugin presented me without them.

I reinstalled the program and some packages and this time it worked. Thank you Have a great day.