.css files break the editer


When opening a .css file sometimes the editer will freeze allowing now operations then crash… Is this just me? Now whenever i open that file it breaks because the .css file is there

Thanks, Matt


Is the file either very large or all on one line? Both cases can cause performance difficulties up to Atom completely hanging. If the file isn’t huge, then it might be something else, but if you can show us or describe the file in detail, we can judge whether it’s big enough to cause problems.

You can get rid of all saved information about the state of the window by opening Atom from the command line with atom --clear-window-state.


Yes this would be the issue now is this already seen by the developers so will this get fixed in the future?

Thanks, Matt


The expectation is that things will get better, but the performance issues are due to a bunch of different things happening and it’s not an easy fix.