CSS external wont link with HTML


I cannot get my CSS file, which is in the same folder as my HTML file, to link with the HTML file.


How are you showing the html? Is it inside atom? If not then we can’t really help you.


Hi mark,

I’ve managed to get it to work, but had to use the “full path” in the link href="", which I’m still unsure why that would need to be the case when my CSS and HTML files are in the same project folder (on atom). I noticed that when I edit the CSS file (e.g. add a new feature) in the tab on atom it does not update in real-time, I have to save the project, delete the path in the link href="" and re-add it again for my changes to update in the HTML file.

I just feel like its quite a long-winded and unnecessary process, am I maybe missing a trick?


It would be useful to know what you’re trying to show the HTML with. Is it a browser?


I’m viewing it using the mark-down feature in Atom


Hmmm. I didn’t know you could show html/css files as markdown. Usually only files ending in .md are shown as markdown files. Did you do anything special to show html as markdown?


I’m using the Markdown preview feature ^⇧M