CSS edit module like CSSEdit?


When editing CSS, I usually like a little more ‘guidance’ than just code completion. I like CSSEdit, but that is no longer a standalone product and has not received any updates in a long time. Anyway, an editor panel for CSS files like in CSSEdit would be awesome:


That’s a great idea for a package.


Yea. A hell of a lot of work, for sure, but this could become one of those big selling points if someone tackled it.


Sorry to Necro the conversation, but from another thread it seems like you have a very similar workflow to mine, accessing files via Transmit, editing them with Atom and CSSEdit.

I’ve since updated to Espresso for CSS editing, and it’s a nice update, but I found the thing I miss the most is the quick filter of the Styles pane, I basically relied on that in CSSEdit and I’m missing it pretty hard now.

I’d love to see someone tackle a CSSEdit-type package for Atom. I’d even be willing to test it for them :wink: