CSS doesn't work. Please help!


If the alert box doesn’t do anything except display content, then it isn’t going to have any way to close it, either. Your users will wonder where your web page went.


hmm okky !!
thankyou for your responses , it was very helpful.


It sounds like what you want is a lightbox feature. You can use that to obscure everything behind your notification.


i want my database to save the user’s data for future login ( eg: as in fb and gmail there is a option to save your userid) in the same way i want to save the users data for future login .


That’s a bit more complicated. What frameworks are you using?


any problem with electron ??
since i have worked with html,css , js in electron and planning to use the database part with the same .


Electron is basically just a browser. If you want users to be able to log in, you want to use a library with OAuth support, at least. Don’t try to build your own login system, because login systems built by amateurs are always insecure.


suddenly , ATOM is not starting ??


If you have a problem running Atom, you should start a new thread and include all the relevant information about your computer and your Atom installation, plus any screenshots of what you see when Atom refuses to start.


online tutorial https://www.welookups.com