Cson for adding new (simple) syntax


It’s been great for bootstrapping that Atom supports TextMate’s grammar format, but going forward surely it’s better to have a less horrifying way of contributing a new one?

Even if it was just used in addition to the TextMate one, a grammar.cson could provide a convenient way of adding some little-used language support.

For example, I was recently working on some coursework in a language that probably isn’t used anywhere else; almost certainly not outside academia. I thought, naïvely, I’d be able to quickly whip something up to just recognise the keywords etc. and it would be a bit nicer to work on.

Wow, I thought wrong. About 40 minutes in, I’d got comments working. That by pretty much just copying the specification for C.

Even though it couldn’t describe all languages, couldn’t we have something like:

    "match":["int", "r[eg]ex?"]
    "colour": "blue"

I suppose this could be a package, or even standalone script, to convert something simple like this into a TextMate/Atom format… but it would be neat if Atom had a nicer built-in format.