Cryptic error when converting TextMate theme


Hi guys,

I’m trying to convert a TextMate theme to Atom using the apm init --theme ~/.atom/packages/Orbit --convert ~/Desktop/Orbit.prograde.tmTheme, and I get the error message Expected "(", "-", [ \t], [*], [LRB], [a-zA-Z0-9+_] or end of input but "\n" found.. The theme I’m trying to convert should be a valid TextMate theme (it works in SublimeText and TextMate 2), but if you need to verify that it is in fact valid, it’s available here:



Edited your title to make it more readable in the topic list. I hope you don’t mind.


No prob. I figured the actual error message ought to go in the title, but that’s fine.


People can still search for the error message even if it isn’t in the title :smile:


Fair enough, thanks. :smile:


Any update on this? I’m having the same issue trying to convert Farzher Neon.tmTheme - a line number or some other reference in the error message would make diagnosing a lot easier.


Actually I found the error in my specific case, instead of:


my tmTheme had:

<tag>text </tag>

Still I would suggest proper line numbers in the error message would be very helpful, also this specific example should not really be an error mode, right?


Same problem here - except my theme file is 1000 lines long, so no chance of finding an error in that. I can also nuke every \n but then i get a similar error except its

Expected “(”, “-”, [ \t], [*], [LRB], [a-zA-Z0-9+_] or end of input but “,” found

Which i suspect may be due to string lists with trailing commas, but i just dont know because of lack of line number of error.