Crypted Java .class files


Hey !

I’m a really really new developper and I want to learn more about this big univer of coding.
I am here due to a strange thing , so I basically decompiled with Atom a MINECRAFT .JAR plugin , when I click into a .class file , it shows me a crypted code like this :

Why ? Can I fixe this ? How ?
It would be so nice from you to help me out !


What software or package did you use to decompile the .jar? Atom has no decompiling capabilities by itself.


Well basically to look into the codes I use JD-GUI but I can’t modify with it so yeah , I thought we could decompile with Atom


On Atom I simply move the file that I want to be decompiled into atom and it decompile it self


Atom does not decompile anything. You’re displaying a compiled file as text, and there are some plain-text strings in there, but the scrambled part is because there are code bytes in there as well.